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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day! Whoo Hoo!

It's a much needed snow day for me and my boys! I am so excited because I have been really busy since before Christmas. I decided that it is time to update my blog and post some pictures.

This is a picture of my work space out in my garage.

I really love my work space, even though it is in my garage.

Here is a picture of my dogs. The black and white one is Izzabelle and the red and white one is Maggie. They love to come and lay on their beds in my garage when I am working. It's really cold right now so we don't go out there much.

Here is a picture of Izzy wanting to come out to be with me. How could anyone resist such cuteness!


  1. Hi, I'm your newest follower,came by you through Jackies blog.Please drop by my place and stay awhile.

  2. Hi Christina! I am hopping over here too from Jackie's blog! She's the coolest! I too make dolls that are prim and grungey!! Isn't it fun!! Keeps us being little girls at heart!! Stop by my blog and see the ones I make. They are a few posts back!! What cute dogs!! Take care, XO Fran.

  3. Hello to my new friends! I am so happy to meet you! Don't you just love bloggin'? Have a happy day!


  4. Come on back and blog some more,is everything OK?

  5. Lol, everything is fine! Got a few days off now with this blizzard. Hope everything is good your way!


  6. Hi Just found your blog through KC's Court, Love the piccy's of your work space, looks like mine filled with boxes of treasured bits and pieces. I also love to craft and am into crazy patchwork at the moment, drop by and take a look at my latest block, its dedicated to my old Fred who passed away last year.
    Keep warm

  7. Hi!
    Well, I see my friends are finding you through my blog. We are cheering for you and hope you post more soon! Are you by any chance interested in some information on my shop? I'd love to see your dolls.
    Have a beautiful week. You can email me at Matthew1039amen@yahoo.com
    Once Upon A Fairyland